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Why Zoophilia ?

March 24, 2008 12:55 pm | Zooslayer

Hot Lesbian Zoophilia By The Pool

hot and horny latina two hot latinas and their dog

These two hot Latinas are party-lovin chicks whore always out for a goodtime. Not all days have parties scheduled though, so they just stay at home and lounge by their pool. When a lot of those days follow one another, they start getting bored though, so they think up their own ways of having some naughty fun. But this is the dirtiest thing theyve thought up so far. Getting their dog hungry for their wet pussies and having him lick them til they cum on his snout sure beats sunbathing any day!

doggy licking some hot latina pussy

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Why Am I Zoophile ?

Well i must say there are many reasons for my interrest in zoophilia. One is that i allways been attracted and aroused from zooporn. And thats why i made this blog. To share my passion for animal sex pornography.

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